A Short Scene and Production Stills From The “The Hiker”

A Short Scene and Production Stills From The “The Hiker”

A Short Scene from THE HIKER from Charlton Thorp on Vimeo. On a lonely trail in the forest a hiker searches for a mischievous boy who he believes is lost. Crossing paths with a veteran backpacker causes him to doubt the child’s existence. Shot on 16mm Tri-X film and featuring Michael Wayne James and Kenny... read more

Michael Voices Two Characters in a Radio Theater Excerpt

Michael performs the voices of Murdock and Westbrook having a conversation.       Radio Theater Exerpt Murdock – our lead character, a cross between a gumshoe and a tired burlesque comic. Westbrook – a network radio announcer, 1940’s style, with a sonorous voice. He’s pompous and... read more

Michael Shares His Story on The Pocho Loco Show

POCHO LOCO SHOW LIVE- 3/24/16- WITH MICHAEL WAYNE JAMES- Actor Michael Wayne is an actor with a marvelous story as to how he got into the business. It was a pleasure being on the show. We covered a lot about how I became interested in the film industry and how I started. There are many other experiences on and off the set to share that were not talked about. That will have to be on another show. Thanks again for being your guest on the Pocho... read more

Trailer for The Hiker

This footage was shot on a CP-16 camera using Tri-X and Double-X film stocks. The superb Michael Wayne James stars in this spooky little... read more

Three Screen Test Story Concept Trailers Starring Michael

The quest of a man on a journey in life to find his freedom and a way back home. Searching foreign lands. Traveling through time to unknown territories. Enduing pain and suffering along the roads less traveled. He comes to grips with his soul and the understanding that he may never find his way home. Never to be free from the emotional weight that he may fall short and die during his journey. Here are three screen test story concept trailers. There was NO script or crew. We used the locations to set the production value and create the stories. Every scene was improvised, created and developed in the moment. From these concepts, Javier Barbera will develop and write a feature film screenplay starring Michael Wayne James.   Javier Barbera is a director and producer, known for Cold Grip (2005), The Wailer 3 (2012)... read more

Looking For Lions Featuring Michael Wayne James

“Looking for Lions” is a provocative glimpse into the underground black market for organ transplants. In this scene Michael plays “Mike” who is attending a support group for caregivers. Mike relates his pain as a caregiver for his brother who has just died while waiting for an organ... read more